Review: GF Vegan Mrs Crimble’s Apple Flavour Rice Cakes

I went to the Spinney’s store today while I was at the mall with a friend and picked up a box of this gluten free, vegan snack: Mrs Crimble’s Apple Flavour Rice Cakes. Pretty tasty! It was nice to have something to snack on. I really miss the luxury of just hopping into the store and coming out with a packet of crisps or biscuits, maybe chocolate, and washing it down with a carton of flavoured milk. I want my childhood back!

Gluten Free, Vegan Mrs Crimble's Apple Flavour Rice Cakes

Gluten Free, Vegan Mrs Crimble’s Apple Flavour Rice Cakes

Anyway, have a look at the nutrition information.

9g per packet. Quite a fair bit of sugar, right? It actually was very sweet. Because of the cover image on the box, I assumed that each packet would have 2 rice cakes. When I opened up a packet, I was so surprised to find 5 in there! Holy Jalapeno! FIVE cakes?! WOW! Talk about value for money! The box cost 9.75 AED ($2.65) for 4 packets of 5 cakes each.

I found an offer on Amazon for Mrs Crimble’s Apple Flavour Rice Cakes. 6 packs for $21.60. That’s $3.60 per box. Cheapest I’ve seen online so far! Click on the image below to know more.

Click on image: Mrs Crimble's Apple Flavour Rice Cakes - $21.60 for 6 boxes

Click on image: Mrs Crimble’s Apple Flavour Rice Cakes – $21.60 for 6 boxes

There was another brand of rice cakes there called Kallo. I avoided that one though because on the label, it said that it was manufactured in a facility that also handles dairy products.

Mrs Crimble’s Rice Cakes were quite nice. Tastes so much like apples. It’s quite nice to pack with you on the go since they come in little packets. Drop one into your purse or keep some in the car and have a cake every now and then – travelling and working gets hard with gluten intolerance since snacks aren’t readily available when you’ve got the munchies. Long gone are the days of glorious Nature Valley and Alpen cereal bars! This is a good alternative for when you’re wandering on the city streets and there isn’t a gluten free restaurant in sight and your stomach starts making noises you didn’t think your body was capable of. I found it far too sweet though. By the time I reached the 3rd or 4th cake, I was starting to feel like I had just gulped down spoonfuls of sugar. It was like that sick feeling you get after eating too many chocolates. I would suggest eating it with something else to sort of lessen the sweet taste. I’m thinking of having it with a glass of almond milk, kind of like having cereal. Except I might have to mix it in my mouth. OR I could break it into smaller chunks and drop it in a bowl of almond milk. Yes, that makes so much more sense than mixing it in my mouth.

7 thoughts on “Review: GF Vegan Mrs Crimble’s Apple Flavour Rice Cakes

  1. Ahh I need to try. I nearly picked up the Kallo chocolate rice cakes yesterday! Instead I decided to be good and have carrot sticks and hummus!

    I’ll keep my eye out for these.

    • Wow, chocolate?! I haven’t seen those around here! I have wanted to have veggies with a hummus dip for ages but can’t since my body’s not too fond of chickpeas.

      • Oh no chickpeas? I do feel for you, they are a staple for me! I think onions are an issue for me you know. Yeah they were covered in chocolate in the sweets aisle.

      • Oh wow that sounds incredible! Maybe I’ll look for it around here!

        Yeah, can’t have chickpeas. Showed up on the intraderm test. It’s a shame – I love hummus! Especially since I live in the Middle East, it’s a go-to snack around here.

        Onions are actually one of the problematic foods listed on the FODMAP diet. I use the green part of spring onions now instead of regular onions. Onions add so much flavour to some dishes though!

    • They’re a nice treat, really! Too much gets too sweet, but they’re nice to indulge in every now and again 🙂 Absolutely love how simple the ingredients are as well!

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