Liver Cleanse – Day 5

My stomach feels broken.

I don’t know if it’s meant to be like this and I have no idea how long it will take to pass. I just want it to be over. My stomach is hurting so bad right now. I feel so horrible. There is air moving around in my stomach because I haven’t eaten all day. My stomach is making weird creaking noises and there is this wrenching pain that comes and goes. It feels like someone plunged a spear in, pushed it all the way through and just before it penetrates the other side, it is pulled back out only to be plunged right in again a few minutes later.

My upper stomach feels like the first millisecond you put your finger in fire. It burns but only slightly – quite like the burn you get from drinking alcohol or some sharp ginger juice.

And to think I have to do this again in a week. Granted, it’s not that bad. I’ve taken herbal medicines that have caused much worse pain, but this isn’t fun.

Initially, my stomach felt very light and digestion felt proper – better than it had in a long time. But an hour later, this pain kicked in and my stomach started creaking. Sigh. I’ve got a raging headache as well. Here is what I had to do today:

Have my last meal of the day at lunchtime. Drink apple juice

6pm: Drink apple juice with 1 tbsp Epsom salt

8pm: Drink apple juice with 1 tbsp Epsom salt

10pm: Half cup grapefruit juice + half cup olive oil

I would seriously recommend small doses or people who are as sensitive to stimulants like I am. MUCH smaller doses.

UPDATE: Okay, I have been feeling slightly lighter and better after the detox. My doctor says my stomach and gallbladder seem much better now and that the detox went well. I hope I never have to do this again! Wasn’t fun at all! The apple juice was delicious but drinking so much of it in one day was just too much for me lol.

Liver Cleanse – Day 3 and 4

Hello Detox Fever. Grr.

Yesterday was okay. I figured drinking an entire cup in one go is easier than sipping. Sipping takes forever and makes me feel so full. My body was also aching terribly yesterday. My body has been aching for the past few weeks, but more so yesterday.

Yesterday, I felt a bit ill when I woke up but felt normal throughout the day. Right now, I feel ill again. I am so tired of drinking apple juice. So sick of it. And to think I have to do this again in another week!

Tomorrow is the dreaded day. No dinner – Apple juice & Epsom salt at 6pm and 8pm, followed by a grapefruit-olive oil concoction. 


Liver Cleanse – DAY 2

Oh.My.God. I am SO tired of having to run to the washroom constantly!

Since the juice has been turning black and getting all weird and foamy, I have decided to juice two batches. Much better that way.

  • 3 PM: Drank a whole glass of apple juice
  • 6 PM: Another glass. My stomach is ginormous at this point, filled with all that juice. I’m not a big eater/drinker and always eat/drink in miniscule amounts. All this apple juice is too much for me! I’m so hungry though. I just want to keep eating!
  • 8 PM: Oh God, there’s still another glass left *tears*

I have had the worst headache all evening. Detox headache? Maybe. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been using my laptop all day with the screen adjustment off. I usually use a screen-backlight adjustment app to decrease the strain on my eyes which leads to headaches. Perhaps this may be why. I have been trying to work on my novel all day but just haven’t been able to because of this headache and the never-ending trips to the washroom. I’m getting closer to D-Day. Olive oil and grapefruit juice. Will I make it?

Liver Cleanse with Apple Juice and Olive Oil – DAY 1

My doctor has recommended a liver/gallbladder cleanse since my gallbladder is being lazy. I mentioned to her that while I got better in between, I feel like I have regressed and am now constantly bloated, and feel excessive air in my stomach moving around. I also tend to have this burning sensation in my upper stomach from time to time.

The doctor said the bile has thickened and has formed a sludge and is on its way to forming gallbladder stones. Eeks. Enter Liver Detox:

  • Juice 7 apples and drink it throughout the day. Must be at room temperature.
  • This needs to be done for 4 days.
  • On the 5th day, I need to skip dinner. At 6 PM, I need to have a cup of apple juice with a tbsp of Epsom salt. One more time at 8 PM.
  • At 10 PM, I need to have half a cup of olive oil with half a cup of grapefruit juice. 

The first four days are alright. It’s the 5th day that terrifies me. Half a cup of olive oil?! WHAT? WHY?

The apple juice is meant to make the bile softer and thin it out, I suppose. And the olive oil is to sort of lubricate everything. I’m not looking forward to DAY 5. Nevertheless here’s how DAY 1 went:

  • 3 PM: Juiced 7 apples (both red and green). Wow, that’s a lot of juice. Drank half a glass. Yummo.
  • 6 PM: Why is this juice turning black? Why is there all this weird foam in it? 
  • 7 PM: There’s STILL two cups left?!
  • 9 PM: My stomach looks so huge. I feel like my organs are drowning in apple juice.

I ate normal meals. In fact, I felt hungrier, which is something that has been missing for quite some time. I have been struggling with trying to gain weight (I am terribly underweight) and increasing my appetite has been difficult, especially since I’m intolerant to several foods. I ate four meals today and I still had room for more! I just feel like munching on things all day long. This is a good sign.