Liver Cleanse – DAY 2

Oh.My.God. I am SO tired of having to run to the washroom constantly!

Since the juice has been turning black and getting all weird and foamy, I have decided to juice two batches. Much better that way.

  • 3 PM: Drank a whole glass of apple juice
  • 6 PM: Another glass. My stomach is ginormous at this point, filled with all that juice. I’m not a big eater/drinker and always eat/drink in miniscule amounts. All this apple juice is too much for me! I’m so hungry though. I just want to keep eating!
  • 8 PM: Oh God, there’s still another glass left *tears*

I have had the worst headache all evening. Detox headache? Maybe. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been using my laptop all day with the screen adjustment off. I usually use a screen-backlight adjustment app to decrease the strain on my eyes which leads to headaches. Perhaps this may be why. I have been trying to work on my novel all day but just haven’t been able to because of this headache and the never-ending trips to the washroom. I’m getting closer to D-Day. Olive oil and grapefruit juice. Will I make it?

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