Tanya Swetta is a 22 year old blogger and aspiring writer living in Dubai. She has written several blog articles for gradberry. Tanya enjoys classic literature and loves books, Dead Poet’s Society, Death Cab For A Cutie and Damien Rice. She is also someone with several food intolerances, her biggest nemesis being gluten. At her blog, you will find rants and thoughts (albeit incoherent at times) about living a gluten free life with other dietary restrictions and you will also find posts about food, makeup, health, and some gibberish.

Tanya has another blog related to her writing interests. Here you will find her poetry, prose poetry and other thoughts she rummaged for in her brain. Tanya also writes about topics related to the business industry which you can find on the same blog: Tanya Swetta


Follow her on twitter: @tanya_swetta

Tanya’s Dietary Choices:

  • Ovo-vegetarian
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy/Casein free
  • Low FODMAP
  • No bengal gram/chickpeas
  • No black pepper
  • No cabbage
  • No red lentils
  • No garlic
  • No green peas
  • No mushrooms
  • No okra

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