Wow, it’s been a LONG time since my last post! I’ve been so insanely busy these past couple of months!

I’ve been to a new doctor here, after hearing lots of recommendations. The doctor did this test called NLS-Oberon Screening and the test showed that I have a parasitic infection. *Eek*

Before all of these stomach troubles began, I had experienced food poisoning and caught a stomach virus. This happened 3 times, and after the third time, I started feeling unwell a lot. The doctor believed this may be what caused it. Further reading led me to believe that bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and intestinal parasites/worms can cause a lot of these symptoms that I experience, which the doctor referred to as IBS-like symptoms. She said that my stomach is inflamed and all of this is what has caused several food intolerances.

Right now, I am undergoing treatment – lots of herbal medicines coupled with homeopathic treatment. It’s hard to tell whether I am feeling better, because of the side effects of the herbal medicines, but the tests show improvement. I am no longer vegan. The doctor has advised introducing eggs and camel milk to my diet. My body has been having such a tough time digesting food. Apparently, camel milk works wonders and is suitable for lactose intolerant people as well. I am off sugar and starch (it feeds bacteria) and I really wish I could go grain-free but I don’t know what I’d eat :S I’m already terribly underweight! The good news is that since starting treatment and making these dietary changes, I’ve gained 2 kilos.

There is a hypo-allergenic digestive enzyme that the doctor recommended which has been really helpful. I take a pill after each meal three times a day. I used to have this heavy feeling in my upper stomach right after eating but after having started these pills, I don’t feel that anymore.

Click on image to buy from Amazon

Click on image to buy from Amazon

I also learned that raw garlic is a natural cure for both SIBO and intestinal parasites. I’ve been consuming a lot of it. However, be warned, it is a diuretic. No fun if you have to be outdoors! It would be worth reading into this – it could help you feel better!

Gluten-Free Cauliflower Tortillas as Goat Cheese, Roasted Pepper & Spinach Pizza or Margherita Pizza



All Photos © Christine Elise McCarthy 2013

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9-13-13 (42)

I made these cauliflower tortillas as part of a recent effort to shed a few pounds – quickly.  I am cutting out bread, pasta, white rice, flour tortillas, potatoes – you know – white carbohydrates.  I am on day three of just cutting out those things & have lost four pounds already!  Of course, I lost two of…

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Think Twice: How the Gut’s “Second Brain” Influences Mood and Well-Being


By Adam Hadhazy


As Olympians go for the gold in Vancouver, even the steeliest are likely to experience that familiar feeling of “butterflies” in the stomach. Underlying this sensation is an often-overlooked network of neurons lining our guts that is so extensive some scientists have nicknamed it our “second brain”.

A deeper understanding of this mass of neural tissue, filled with important neurotransmitters, is revealing that it does much more than merely handle digestion or inflict the occasional nervous pang. The little brain in our innards, in connection with the big one in our skulls, partly determines our mental state and plays key roles in certain diseases throughout the body.

Although its influence is far-reaching, the second brain is not the seat of any conscious thoughts or decision-making.

“The second brain doesn’t help with the great thought processes…religion, philosophy and poetry is left to the brain in the head,” says 

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Gluten Free Meal Planning Resources That Are Absolutely Free

know gluten

When you first go gluten free, it can be a struggle to just figure out what to eat. At the end of a busy day, making dinner can seem almost impossible. No more throwing a frozen lasagna into the oven or whipping up some hamburger helper. Even if you regularly made a fancy dinner from scratch, it can be a challenge to find new recipes. Thankfully there are some amazing resources out there to help you plan your gluten free meals, and they’re all absolutely free!

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Confirming a Diagnosis of Celiac Disease



People have lots of questions about how to get tested, if they should get tested, what if the tests come up negative yet they feel the test is wrong. Here is an interesting article from Dr. Sheila Crowe, a professor in gastroenterology and hematology at the University of Virginia, to answer those questions in detail.


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Yummy, No-Sugar Added Chocolate Chip Cookies

Our Favorite Sound is Yum

Today, we tried CFCU’s Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies and they were delicious! The recipe is linked below. Instead of white flour or whole wheat flour, the recipe calls for almond flower (we used Bob’s Red Mill Finely Ground Almond Meal/Flour), which makes the cookies gluten-free and nutritionally beneficial. Maple Syrup makes them sweet, but you can substitute honey in for the maple syrup if you like the taste of honey better. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!



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